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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a business in Dubai requires a business license. Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. There are different procedures for each type of license. The process for setting up a business in Dubai involves obtaining the following initial approval from the competent authority. After thorough verification of the documents, the authority grants legal and official approval. This includes the investor’s identity, qualifications, resident status, and financial stability and so on. In addition to the official and commercial spaces, the AOA and MOA, as well as the basic structure of the organization, the authorities will evaluate the feasibility of the business.
Investors are welcomed with open arms in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world, and it offers unparalleled opportunities for business. Tax regulations, legalities, and other official norms are designed to support investors. Infrastructure that is extremely well developed and planned gives you plenty of opportunities to prosper.
You should be aware of the authorizing authority, business startup cost, licensing process, and rules and regulations of these jurisdictions before launching a business in the UAE Mainland or Free zone. For professional advice, it is better to contact our company establishment consultants in Dubai.
The registration price for the firm, the initial approval charge, visa applications, the cost of registering a trade name, the cost of leasing office space, and other commercial activities all affect how much it costs to start a company in Dubai.
The cost of starting a business in Dubai is influenced by a number of variables, such as the type of license required, the location, and more. To assist you in setting up your business in an economical manner, get in touch with the best business consultants in Dubai.
The UAE’s legal framework was created with ease of investment in mind. The process and legal requirements are quickly completed by the authorities. As a result, you won’t have to wait long to start doing business in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.
Yes. In fact, Dubai encourages free trade by exempting 75% of imported goods from taxes. Additionally, it allows Free Zone businesses to operate tax-free. The trade policy that was created specifically to support businesses is advantageous for the expansion of small businesses as well.

For the management and other responsible employees of a mainland company, a resident visa is necessary. Then, only you are able to hire new staff for your business.

Before awarding a visa for its employees, the government authorities will assess the size of the Free Zone enterprise.

A resident visa is not required for the owner of an offshore establishment.