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In 2019, ten-year UAE golden visas were announced for select residents. Exactly as it sounds, if you have a UAE golden visa, you have residency in the UAE for 10 years. This residency is not tied to a particular employer and doesn’t need to be renewed every two to three years. UAE golden visas enable expats to live, work and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor and with 100 per cent ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland. This golden residency scheme is renewable and reserved for certain categories ranging from investors to individuals with exceptional talents.







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Golden Visa UAE Benefits and Advantages

An entry visa for six months with multiple entries followed by the issuance of residency permits

Valid for 10 Years

A long-term, renewable residence visa valid for 10 years.

Ability to Stay Outside

ability to stay outside of the UAE for any amount of time without having their visa nullified.

Allowing Family Members to Stay

allowing family members to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit duration in the event the primary holder of the Golden Visa passes away.


Golden Visa for Foreign Nationals

Changes to the Golden Visa system will allow for even more accessibility for foreign nationals to live, work, conduct business and study in the UAE without requiring a national sponsor.

Abu Dhabi

Golden Visa holders in Abu Dhabi will be entitled to discounts and offers on cars, property, health care, hospitality, health insurance and banking services. The Resident’s office has teamed up with companies across a range of industries to offer the incentives.


As stated by the authorities, foreign residents in Dubai who have a golden visa and a driving license from their home country can now take a UAE driver’s test without needing extra lessons.

Golden Visa UAE for Professionals

A major expansion to the Golden Visa eligibility category, the Golden Visa for professionals applies to all fields and disciplines, including but not limited to education, law, science and engineering, information tE7nology, social sciences, and numerous others.

Golden Visa UAE for Real Estate Investors

Purchase a property worth no less than AED 2 million, or purchase a property with a loan from specified local banks, or purchase one or more completed or off-plan properties no less than AED 2 million from a list of approved local real estate companies

Golden Visa UAE for Exceptional Talents

Under the category of exceptionally talented individuals, talented individuals in the field of art, culture, digital tE7nology, sports, innovation, medicine, law and others are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa scheme.

Golden Visa UAE for Engineers

Specialized talents, engineers, and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge are eligible for a Golden Visa residency period of 10 years without a sponsor and subject to renewal (granted to the applicant and his family member).

Golden Visa UAE for Scientists

Have a PhD or master’s degree in engineering, tE7nology, life sciences and natural sciences from the world’s best universities. Must have a recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council to avail of this Visa.

Golden visa UAE for Skilled Workers

they hold a valid contract of employment in the UAE. The job must fall under the occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratization. The minimum monthly salary is not less than Dh30,0000. The skilled worker must have a bachelor’s degree as well.

Golden Visa UAE for Doctors and Nurses

The UAE has been granting doctors and nurses, the first line of defence, a longterm residency in “recognition of their efforts and sacrifices”. All doctors licensed by the UAE health regulatory bodies can apply for the Golden Visa between July 2021 and September 2022 through the ICA’s golden residency services for doctors.
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Golden Visa UAE Rules

As of now, the eligible categories of the UAE Golden Visa have been expanded. Among the new addition are professionals, specialists, and exceptional talents. The changes also extend to additional entry permits and visas to accommodate tourists, business travellers, job seekers, friends and relatives of UAE residents wishing to enter the country.